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A bit of Community Spirit - The Thornhill Planter Project

Currently this picture fills me with....not very much at all. However, this bleak, tired looking piece of land is our next project - The Thornhill Planter Project, which fills me with pure and utter JOY!

As with all my ideas, I develop them mostly through visual inspiration, an added bonus is being able to find an opportunity, whereby I am able to give something back. Many a time, since moving to Hook & Tolworth Rise have I passed the gloomy little spot and each time thought to myself "I wonder what I could do here, to make this space better?". 

So off I toddled to my trusty laptop to do some further digging and investigating. After tweeting the council (my first tweet in years!) my enquiry was forwarded on to the appropriate department.

My biggest concern was whether there would be a million hoops I'd need to jump through; Apparently not! My email request was responded to, with a forward onto Andy at Idverde.

Idverde manage and maintain the majority of the green and open spaces in Kingston borough and beyond, as well as providing help and assistance to locals like me, to push forward community projects.

Andy popped in to the shop and we spoke about what I planned to do with the space, my main intentions were to: 
Make the space brighter
Include flowers and plants that would support the local bee population
Use wildflowers where possible
Use locally grown/sourced plants where possible

Little after Andy's departure, we received email confirmation that the project had been given the green light! I am over the moon and I'm really looking forward to moving the project forward. 

My first challenge will be recruiting help and volunteers to begin removing the "Mare's Tail" that the bed is riddled with. The next challenge will be finding the time to orchestrate the bulk of the work.  

In all honesty my speciality is cut flowers, with a good(ish) knowledge of plants and gardening. My plan was never to open a florist and for this to be easy with no lessons to be learnt, so bring on the challenges!

As an aside to the above, I'd be delighted to hear from you if you can offer any advice or time to the project,  

Thanks for reading!

Holly :)

Holly McLoughlin