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Want to have fresh flowers at home, but don't want to spend too much?
Well we may just have the answer for you! 

We have 4 wonderful introductory packages available to cater for all budgets - all of our packages can be adapted to fit your needs and accommodate any special requests you may have. We will provide either 1 or 2 arrangements each month - If you'd prefer more or less, for example 1 arrangement every 3 weeks, then let us know and we can adapt the package to suit your requirement.  

Option 1 -The Bloomin' Lovely Bunch

Starting from £10.95 a month

The Bloomin' Lovely Bunch will be made up of a real mixture of blooms in a variety of colours . You will receive 1 x standard, but healthy bunch wrapped in paper each month (these will contain more stems than our "Grab & Go Bunches in store) The arrangements will be ready to pop into a vase and will bring a little splash of colour into your home.  


Option 2 - The Seasonal Selection

Starting From £19.95 a month

The seasonal selection will be made up of fresh seasonal blooms in a variety of colours . You will receive 2 x small but healthy bunches wrapped in paper each month. The arrangements will be ready to pop into that lovely vase you've been meaning to use.  



Option 3 - The Perfect Assortment

Starting from £29.95 a month

The perfect assortment will be exactly that, a healthy variety of fresh seasonal blooms with a little more of that wow factor than the Seasonal Selection. You will receive 2 x larger bunches wrapped in paper each month in a variety of colours. The arrangements will be ready to pop straight into that glorious vase you have!



Option 4 - The Show Stopper Hand-tied

Starting from £49.95 a month

The show stopper will be a perfect addition to your home. Bringing a slice of that outdoorsy variety of colour, into the lounge, kitchen or dining room. Each month you will receive 2 x Large Hand tied, aqua packed arrangements wrapped in paper and presented in a Holly and the Ivy Box Bag. The arrangements can stay in the aqua pack for a couple of days and then when you're  ready can be popped straight into that gorgeous vase you have! 

If you love bright colours, but really dislike tulips, then no problem as each of our customers will have a tailor made profile. This way, we know what will be the best fit for you and your home.

All our Packages come with the option to collect from Holly and the Ivy directly free of charge, or alternatively an additional £3 reduced delivery surcharge will be added to each delivery.  No Fixed Term, giving you the flexibility to cancel your subscription whenever you like. Still keen, then fill in the form below or get in touch with us!

P.S Gift Vouchers are available for Flower Club Subscriptions upon request,
We also offer Birthday and Anniversary subscriptions - We remember those important key dates, so you don't have to! 

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